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This project has been inspired by the fire breathing big BHP Group B rally cars that were banned in the mid 1980's. With a love for these cars in mind I'm creating a mid engine RWD track day car using a MK6 Escort as the base car and a Subaru Impreza turbo engine/gearbox to power it.

With the Subaru engine being quite light and having a low centre of gravity, (due to the flat 4 configuration) the car should have a good power to weight ratio and hopefully handle well, with a good suspension setup.

Archive for June, 2011

Major Update.

After many grueling hours welding welding and a bit more welding i am pleased to say that the peugeot finally has a new floor,bulkhead and engine bay that once belonged to a subaru impreza, all the welds will be ground down and seamed sealed to make a nice job.  The next job is to complete the cage.

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