About this project

This project has been inspired by the fire breathing big BHP Group B rally cars that were banned in the mid 1980's. With a love for these cars in mind I'm creating a mid engine RWD track day car using a MK6 Escort as the base car and a Subaru Impreza turbo engine/gearbox to power it.

With the Subaru engine being quite light and having a low centre of gravity, (due to the flat 4 configuration) the car should have a good power to weight ratio and hopefully handle well, with a good suspension setup.

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The making of the beast…

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The finished Product

Heres a pic of it finally out the garage and looking pretty mean if i dont say so myself, painted in matt black with the front splitter finished and the mud flaps on.

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Side scoops

I have managed to get hold of some original metro 6r4 side air scoops which actually fitted perfect, they should allow lots of air into the engine bay and into the air filter.

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Full frontal

Well it has been two years in the making and with a lot of blood sweat and tears it is finally finished exept for a couple of small jobs and a good geometry/suspension set up.

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